Number 6

Hi all, we are very happy to announce that one of our homebrewed beers took number 6 in the beerbrewers competition of Panama. Lets give you some perspective this means that we were officialy judged to have the 6th best beer of 62 beers in the competition made by 33 different brewers in Panama. Just follow this link to see how our Blonde Belgian scored. Or come by and try for yourself. https://getbap.com/scoresheets/VMOu0xyyFwXCtj1HEu4K

Free windsurf instuctions for kids

Coucoucrazy tries to organize 2 events er month. This month we had a plant exchange and a free windsurf day for kids. Turnout was good and everyone got a try on the board. Ther were even some not soo young kinds that gave it a try. With thanks to my dad and Sam for all their help.

Coucoucrazy bagels:

OOOOOh snap yet another gap in the market of Pedasi that Coucoucrazy can fill. It was my beautifull girlfriend that pointed out no one was producing bagels in Pedasi. Turns out bagels are popular here, soo with a little work on getting them right we now offer bagels every wednesday.

We are still perfecting our skills on this. Every teusday we take reservations for bagels that will be made fresh on wednesday. We offer a variety of toppings; chai, sesame, pumpking, poppy or sunflower seeds. Just look at these beauties does it not make your mouth water?

Coucoucrazy teaching:

Hi, welcome back. Well you might have been here all along, I have just been too busy to get some new posts out there. I will try to make more time to keep this blog going.

Here you see that Coucoucrazy is training the next generation of pastry chefs. I really liked this day, I hope the kids liked it just as much as me. We made 3 different styles of cookies, then used food coloring to paint them. We look forward to also doing a late art day with the kids when we are able and free to do soo.

Coffee “tripping” in Boquete, more brewing and making bread:

Hi dear reader, just checking in. Bussiness as usual here at coucoucrazy. As we were running low on some varietals of coffee, we went and selected from this years harvest in Boquete. From farm visits to cupping sessions, it was all fabulous, partially thanks to my beautifull company (you know who you are).

Then just soo you know we still brew, here are some pictures from our last brewday and from the bread we baked off with yeast harvested from that ferment.

And it has arrived

It took a lot of mails and phonecalls but we got my new roaster all the way from Turkey to Panama. My nice neighbours were friendly enough to help me unload the “green mean bean machine”.

I have already taken it for a testrun and everything is working perfect. You need coffee now we can even do bigger volume. Thanks to Besca Roasters too for helping me with the whole process.

New gear

Soo first we have an upgrade in our brewing equipment, or better serving equipment. Soon all the lines, kegs, manifolds, taps,… will be sent too us and I will start building a Kegenator. If all goes well you should be able to come enjoy a nice chilled beer off tap in three weeks. Pictures of the Kegenator will follow once build.

The other upgrade is in our roasting equipment, our new roaster is ready and assembled. Besca roaster will be sending it this week, it will take some time to get here as it is being shipped out of Turkey. Besca Roasters was soo nice as to let us choose te color of our new beauty, they send me this pic last week.  Now to make space for all these new ‘big boy toys’.


At Coucoucrazy we love animals

Soo quit recently we had a new addition to our little farm over here. We welcome Leen to the group of animals. Both Leen and mother Magali are doing fine. We invite everyone that also loves animals to come by for there are no cuddles like sheepbaby-cuddles.


Then because we love animals at coucoucrazy, we did a week of ” your favorite animal in your cappucino”. Just take a look at this giraffaccino and elephantaccino.

Coucoucrazy events and Coucoucrazy at the events.

Soo little while ago Coucoucrazy was visited by Tropix. This was the perfect opportunity to host a free cupping session with Coucoucrazy coffee. We thank Melanie Nunez for all the info and help offered to our clients. Everyone left with a deeper understanding of the flavours that can be found in coffee.


Then Coucoucrazy put up a little booth to sell artisanal beer at a local festival called barrofest. This festival incorporates tradition with modern music. In the day a mudhouse is build in the traditional Panamanian way; Junta de enbarro. In the evening the scene is transformed to a music festival. And what is a festival without a good beer??