A festival in Pedasi, makes me feel back home in Belgium and more construction

Seems again I haven’t blogged for a while, this isn’t because there hasn’t been anything to blog about. On the contrary, lets start with a little note about Barrofest. A festival organised just outside of the town of Pedasi. In the afternoon there is a connection to Panamanian tradition, the people get together to build a mud house. In other words everyone gets nice and muddy. In the evening there is a little concert, which made this Belgian feel right at home, the setting really made me think of; Pukemarock, Sphinx, Gladiolen,…. In other words the small Belgian festivals, there is still room to grow and I do see this happening over the years. Next year Coucoucrazy will also try to be on site.

Then what Coucoucrazy is concerned I have to say something about the construction works. We have started building the first casita. Yes in the same year as part one of the project we have also started part two, you know me I get bored quickly so time for more projects. Here are some pictures of the new building. Also one picture of the roof up front now with hammocks for al the chill people.

Expanding the shade:

Hi there, dear reader. Still working hard at the dream here in paradise. We just finished the pergola in front of the bar, giving the clients double the shade place because Panamanian sun in summer is hot. So come take up your place and cool down with a craft beer.


Talking about craft beer, we are proud to inform you that soon our little brewery will be able to brew double the beer. Double the pot equals double the beer.


And just to show off what happens when our pastry chef gets all inspired.



The speedster is back and the plants are almost ready to provide it with coffee:

After a year of tinkering and mailing back and forth with Kees Van Der Westen for help, my beautiful Speedster is back up and running. I am so glad that it is finally functional again. All the work did give me a deeper understanding of the mechanics in a coffee machine, however I hope I never again have to tap in to this knowledge.


Worth mentioning is that soon this Speedster will be used to brew our own finca coucoucrazy blend. The plants in the yard are looking amazing and we will have harvest in a month or so. Start looking forward to a Catuai, Caturra, Geisha blend that is all Pedasi. Cultivated (nourished), dried, roasted and brewed localy.

Normal day-to-day and crazy monday evenings:

In the normal day-to-day I would like to give you an impression of what passes the counter every morning at coucoucrazy.  Coffee, pastry, fresh made Quiche; we have what makes a good breakfast. Now we also offer different iced teas and smoothies, all fresh and homemade. In the take away we upped our game by offering cold brew either normal or rum/ vodka infused.


And then there are our crazy monday evening sunset sessions which have become well-known for the craft beers. Turnout is bigger every week, time to up our game and brew some more.

The Party:

I know, I know i haven’t been blogging for a long time. Well get ready to catch up. Its been a busy few months since my dad’s visit. First there was the party. As a DJ friend from Belgium was visiting we had to do a party.  If measured by the turnout the party was pretty good, if measured by how drunk people got the party was awesome.


It was a late night and coucoucrazy was open as usual the next morning. Needless to say that a lot of coffee was needed to get me up in time.

When dad visits:

Hi dear reader. Last two weeks my dad came to vacation with his son. Well the bar was open so I didn’t take vacation but this gave him time to explore my beautiful town by bike, go via the new beach bar at Playa Toro ( el Ancla) or relax poolside at Brisas del Mar. When I was free he took some pictures to show what you can all expect when visiting Pedasi ranging from natural beauty to adrenalin driven sports. Or how a little town can offer a lot.


Special thanks to my dad for coming out and for taking all the pictures.DSC_0367

Open and trying new pastry:

Heei readers just a little post to keep you up to date. The coffee bar has been open for a few weeks now and everything is going well. Will post some pictures of how it al looks soon. But to get your mouth-watering here are some pictures of the pastry that has passed over the counter last weeks.


And for the people that can’t find us yet, look for our yellow surfboard. 941FFD48-BB0A-4C1C-A349-FC748F46293B

The pre-opening party:

Hello reader, as you may or may not know this monday was my birthday. Soo this saturday it was time for a party and as the container bar is as good as finished I went ahead and made it a birthday/ pre-opening party. Many craft beers where drunk and the pre-opening was a success, I would again like to thank everyone for coming and making it an awesome evening.

Soo pre-opening out off the way and everything went well so time to think about opening for real I guess. That should be next monday. As you will see there is a new tab open with our menu and the opening hours, hope to see you all soon for breakfast or sunset beers.

Here is a link so you can check te menu right away.


opening hours

Boquete coffee trip day 3

Soo last day in Boquete. First there was an appointment that fell trough. Still I will get to visit the Belgian owned finca tomorrow on my way out.

I was able to reschedule my cupping at Casa Ruiz to the morning. Soo after some time in the sun it was time to get cupping. Plinio Ruiz first gave me a tour of the premisses then I got to cup 2 different catuai coffees, 1 geisha from Janson farm and 2 from Damarli estate. I bought some of the Damarli estate geisha. Plinio also let me taste their new sun-dried cascara, which was surprisingly sweet and tasty. And as if that was not enough, my bold question for more coffee bags was rewarded with 2 new “pillows”.

The cupping room at Casa Ruiz had a very nice depiction of the different flavours you can find in coffee, would love to own posters like these ( but I had already asked for enough).


All I had left to do in the afternoon was pick up my order from Finca Benjie. Here again it came with some gifts; a coffee bag from their Finca and 2 Pacamara plants. So my garden will soon have a new varietal growing. Since I had most of the afternoon free I took some me time and hiked the trail of the lost waterfalls. For a steep uphill hike I was rewarded with spectacular views and 3 beautiful waterfalls amidst the tropical mountains.