And it has arrived

It took a lot of mails and phonecalls but we got my new roaster all the way from Turkey to Panama. My nice neighbours were friendly enough to help me unload the “green mean bean machine”. I have already taken it for a testrun and everything is working perfect. You need coffee now we canContinue reading “And it has arrived”

Coucoucrazy events and Coucoucrazy at the events.

Soo little while ago Coucoucrazy was visited by Tropix. This was the perfect opportunity to host a free cupping session with Coucoucrazy coffee. We thank Melanie Nunez for all the info and help offered to our clients. Everyone left with a deeper understanding of the flavours that can be found in coffee.   Then CoucoucrazyContinue reading “Coucoucrazy events and Coucoucrazy at the events.”

Plants producing and animals growing.

The Coucoucrazy terrain is slowly but surely becoming a Finca. Just last week our first Papaya ripend, banana’s will be there soon, we have a passionfruit overflow, the herb garden is growing full with cranberry hibiscus, kurkuma, brocoli,… Just a little of all we are producing. But most importantly: its harvesting time for the GeishaContinue reading “Plants producing and animals growing.”

A little Germany in Pedasi: Oktoberfest !!!

As the new brewery is fully functional now we needed an event to celebrate this. Although a little late,  7th, 8th and 9th of November, we hosted an Oktoberfest. Beers where brewed and imported from Belgium,  Bratwurst was made and a whole sheep was slowly cooked. It would not have been a Coucoucrazy event withoutContinue reading “A little Germany in Pedasi: Oktoberfest !!!”

Casita almost finished, making a jungle out of my bar and the animals.

Soo, I have been working hard again the last few weeks. The bar has gotten a bit more quiet, it is low season. That is except for monday when the new beer brings out the people. As it has been more relax I found the time to work in the first casita; paintjob, installing aContinue reading “Casita almost finished, making a jungle out of my bar and the animals.”