Planting, harvest and a Tower finished.

First let me apologize for my absence on this blog. Its been very busy weeks/months and I have not found the time to write and catch up. As you see we are still working i the yard here, so soon we will be able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegtables out of the finca coucoucrazy. 75402074_411387063142557_1595216510899453952_n


Then some more shots of our finished lookout tower, making the bar a bar with seavieuw. Also finished the deck on the container soo we now have way more sitting area. Come enjoy the vieuw and the fresh summer breeze.


And talking about sitting area, look at this new furniture we have on ground level, thank you senor Simon for the beautiful table.


More animals and a lookout tower.

Here at coucoucrazy we love animals and we have not forgotten our Belgian friends. That is why we are expanding our finca and our animals are all named for friends. The first ones on the scene are Hans and Magali the sheeps and off course Carolien the goat.

Then also worth mentioning is that we are building a lookout tower on top of the brewing container, so soon you will be able to enjoy our coffee with seasight.



Plants producing and animals growing.

The Coucoucrazy terrain is slowly but surely becoming a Finca. Just last week our first Papaya ripend, banana’s will be there soon, we have a passionfruit overflow, the herb garden is growing full with cranberry hibiscus, kurkuma, brocoli,… Just a little of all we are producing. But most importantly: its harvesting time for the Geisha !!

On our Finca we do not only have plants we are expanding our animal herd as well. The chickens give us fresh farm eggs every day and the goats and sheep provide a lot of love. As if we did not already get a lot of that from the dogs.

And then the casita was done.

As you are all well aware Coucoucrazy is evolving into a bed and breakfast. We are proud to announce the first casita is done and will be up for rent in the coming season. It was hard work but we are very happy with how it looks. You will be able to find this unique rental on airbnb and on our own site. Soo if you are looking for a place to stay in Pedasi, look no further!!

A little Germany in Pedasi: Oktoberfest !!!

As the new brewery is fully functional now we needed an event to celebrate this. Although a little late,  7th, 8th and 9th of November, we hosted an Oktoberfest. Beers where brewed and imported from Belgium,  Bratwurst was made and a whole sheep was slowly cooked. It would not have been a Coucoucrazy event without sweets so our chef made fresh Kaiserschmarren every day.

For this event help was even hired, soo we had an Austrian girl on staff to make the traditional pretzl.  Pedasi was able to get the feel of an Oktoberfest be it a little warm one. We had soo much fun we are already planning next year’s edition.

Coffeetripping in sur Antioquia:

Soo after working hard getting the casita in order ( which is almost done), I believed it time for a little ‘vacation’. Soo I hopped on a flight to Medellin. Spend a few days there and made a daytrip to Piedron and Guatape. I can say its a nice city ( although I am not a city boy). Best coffee places in Medellin: Hija Mija, Urbania, Toucan cafe.

I had arranged to rent a motorcycle from Odessey Motors in Medellin. Had to get my riding legs back but that happened quick. Before I knew it I had left Medellin and was driving trough sur Antioquia. The search of coffee could begin. First stop Betania. Where I made trips to Concordia and Jardin. It was a wonderful countryside, driving trough coffeefarms, getting samples, making new friends…. Jep work and vacation hand in hand.


After Betania I took an off road trail to Jerico where a friendly farmer gave me some of his Colombia 2000 variety and showed me his whole farm. Very friendly people those Colombians. Then it was on to La Pintada for the end of the vacation by the pool.


Nice little get away and i’m sure I will be heading back to Colombia next year. But for now it is back to work soo I can put up foto’s of the new brewery and the finished casita soon.

Casita almost finished, making a jungle out of my bar and the animals.

Soo, I have been working hard again the last few weeks. The bar has gotten a bit more quiet, it is low season. That is except for monday when the new beer brings out the people. As it has been more relax I found the time to work in the first casita; paintjob, installing a shower and water heater,… Take a look for yourself in the pictures, now I am waiting on the wood to build a bed.


Then I also build some more flower spaces in front of the bar, or should I say full flower walls. Getting that jungle look going for the bar.

Then sad news, of the three sheep I had only one survived. As little dennis ( I did not name this sheep) is a bit lonely our greeting lady is happy enough to hang out with him, Ginger everybody’s friend.

Lets give you an insight in the day to day at CouCoucrazy.

Of course we start the day with some coffee. Every coffee is an oppertunity to get flowtrough at its best, extraction to perfection, play with pre-infusion, look for the best flavour o yeah and practice some late art.


About that time  to start working on some pies. Preparing, baking, finishing oo yes and off course quality testing. And as you can see at CouCouCrazy you are never working alone.

Oke that one passed the test, on to coffee; not as a barista but as a roaster this time. Getting that catuai on the shelves. Already have the profile for that one so the work is half done. Just tweeking a bit here and there and training my nose.

Oke bagged and labeled that one can go on the machine in 2 days.  Lets make it a coffee day and go to cultivating now, lets go check on some plants. Look who loves haning out between coffeeplants, my favorite co-worker.

Some plants are still flowering but others are already giving  yield. Who wouldn’t love this job, in the sun between the flowers helping that morning tradition come to life.

Hung out between the plants a bit long and it is getting dark, time to do some inside work. Brewtime and the brew of today will be with a chocolate infusion. Callebaut 811, there is only one real chocolate.

That was it for today, tired out I get to bed and start dreaming of tomorrow….


Working on the Hostel

Heei there dear readers, I am proud to announce we have started well with building a Hostel. The bar is running well s time for the next stage. First up I one of the casitas. It is comming allong quickly, which is good cause rainy season is almost here.


Before I have to start building furniture for this casita I am re-doing my own kitchen and bathrooms, what do you think?

Then just a little shout out to my monday crew, thank you all for the wonderfull evening. Working does not seem so hard when you are doing what you love!!