The real construction has started. More ladies in the house? The Piemaker is back and so is someone else and enjoying a nice homebrew after a long day.

Hi there my loyal readers. Super good news, we have started construction, the first shovel has struck into the ground ( or more like the first pick because this clay is hard). What you see on the picture is the outlay of the foundation for the container and its roof. Love seeing this, means we are getting closer to opening a coffee bar.  Next time I will post the plans, made by SEPIA , so you get an idea of what will be built. IMG_2074

Furthermore we have a new addition to the CouCouCrazy house; more ladies. And no my girlfriend does not have start worrying I did not turn into a player. I just got some chicks, pun intended.  These beautiful ladies will be providing the eggs necessary for making all that pastry.

It has to be mentioned that the original CouCouCrazy lady is a bit worried. She does not see what is in the house but it tsjirps, what is that? Don’t go to crazy Ginger.


Then I am happy to announce the Piemaker is back. CouCouCrazy is now providing the dessert at The Corner in Pedasi. Oo and did you get curious who else has returned? Gaston the friendly bathroom frog is back, lets all celebrate with a well deserved home-brewed beer.

Keep on following  for more CouCouCrazy adventures in paradise Pedasi.

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