The brewery running overtime, first beer on sale visitors getting a surf instruction.

I wish I could be writing about the container being moved now but it got postponed a bit. We need a big machine to get the job done and the machine is not available right now. This does not mean I have been sitting still. I’m already building the pallet furniture for the coffee bar and the bar stools out of corotu.

I have also been brewing beer like a madman. The CouCouCrazy brewery is running non stop; 2 beers on bottle and 2 fermenting at all times. The brewery now also has its first beer on sale (limited amount off course) it is called the Jungle James’ Juice and is a seasoned ale with a maracuya finish. Very clear and sweet golden ale mmmm delightful. Soo you see we are working towards a Pedasi Artisanal Brewery. Just look at all that bubbling going on in the fermenting box.


More to mention; the coffee finca is doing great. Well 1 plant of the Caturra plants is dying for no apparent reason but the rest has started to bloom. All those beautiful white flowers will soon become berries, red berries, green coffee, brown coffee and then hopefully a great cup of coffee.


Last thing to mention is the super surf-instruction i had with two of my friends visiting from Belgium. It was a great test run for the boards and the beach choice. We chose to go to Playa Garita, just 5 minutes with the car and it was just perfect for lessons. Off course our mascot was also there just check the movie.

3 thoughts on “The brewery running overtime, first beer on sale visitors getting a surf instruction.

  1. Is een longboard niet beter voor zo’n kleine golven?
    Ziet er wel leuk uit, moeten zeker eens afkomen 😉


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