Coffeetripping in sur Antioquia:

Soo after working hard getting the casita in order ( which is almost done), I believed it time for a little ‘vacation’. Soo I hopped on a flight to Medellin. Spend a few days there and made a daytrip to Piedron and Guatape. I can say its a nice city ( although I am not a city boy). Best coffee places in Medellin: Hija Mija, Urbania, Toucan cafe.

I had arranged to rent a motorcycle from Odessey Motors in Medellin. Had to get my riding legs back but that happened quick. Before I knew it I had left Medellin and was driving trough sur Antioquia. The search of coffee could begin. First stop Betania. Where I made trips to Concordia and Jardin. It was a wonderful countryside, driving trough coffeefarms, getting samples, making new friends…. Jep work and vacation hand in hand.


After Betania I took an off road trail to Jerico where a friendly farmer gave me some of his Colombia 2000 variety and showed me his whole farm. Very friendly people those Colombians. Then it was on to La Pintada for the end of the vacation by the pool.


Nice little get away and i’m sure I will be heading back to Colombia next year. But for now it is back to work soo I can put up foto’s of the new brewery and the finished casita soon.

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