Boquete coffee trip day 3

Soo last day in Boquete. First there was an appointment that fell trough. Still I will get to visit the Belgian owned finca tomorrow on my way out.

I was able to reschedule my cupping at Casa Ruiz to the morning. Soo after some time in the sun it was time to get cupping. Plinio Ruiz first gave me a tour of the premisses then I got to cup 2 different catuai coffees, 1 geisha from Janson farm and 2 from Damarli estate. I bought some of the Damarli estate geisha. Plinio also let me taste their new sun-dried cascara, which was surprisingly sweet and tasty. And as if that was not enough, my bold question for more coffee bags was rewarded with 2 new “pillows”.

The cupping room at Casa Ruiz had a very nice depiction of the different flavours you can find in coffee, would love to own posters like these ( but I had already asked for enough).


All I had left to do in the afternoon was pick up my order from Finca Benjie. Here again it came with some gifts; a coffee bag from their Finca and 2 Pacamara plants. So my garden will soon have a new varietal growing. Since I had most of the afternoon free I took some me time and hiked the trail of the lost waterfalls. For a steep uphill hike I was rewarded with spectacular views and 3 beautiful waterfalls amidst the tropical mountains.

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