Boquete coffee trip day 2

Soo another day in Boquete, today I had a visit on the Finca Neuvo Colorado. It’s a small finca very high up at 1800 m. The view where fantastic and the coffee looked good, so I am now the proud owner of a bag of their bourbon natural.


Afterwards it was roadtripping again, over to the quiet town of  Volcan on the other side of the Volcan Baru. Here I needed to get to Janson Farm to buy some more coffee plants. I covered them well for the trip back home so you cant see it but I bought 20 more Catuai plants ( that already have harvest on them ) and 5 more geisha plants. Since Janson farm has a huge vivero I also bought some fig trees and Guayaba. Now to get them home safely.

I made one more purchase at Janson farm, yes you see an old coffee bag, I see a trendy pillow for the lounge area of the bar.

Tomorrow is already the last day of the trip, but there is a lot more coffee to be bought and farms to be visited. I even found a Belgian owned farm, hopefully they give a discount to Belgians.


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