Boquete coffee trip day 1

Soo today was day one of a trip I am making to buy up coffee. Really need to stock up on some green beans before I open the coffee bar. I visited the beautiful finca Don Benjie in Bajo Mono today and put in my order for beans. Several variatals where selected and i am anxious to roast them and find out just how good they are.


On the  finca they produce a great bunch of variatals. I especially wanted to show my dear readers the Maragogype. Look at the size of the beans growing on this variatal and the size of the leafs.

After a tour of the finca Emilio also showed me the selection area. Selection which is all done by hand.


After working on a sunday I spoiled myself with other goodies that grow in this area: strawberries!! Tomorrow its a small drive to Volcan for more beans and a visit to Janson farm for more plant.


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