Almost there to open a coffeebar.

Well its been a while again since I wrote. A lot has happened even with a broken toe a lot got done. Windows have been cut, take a look inside the bar, furniture is there so now it is time to buy a stove, refrigerator,…. The kitchen counters are made out of the tree I helped cut down with Jungle James if you remember that from some posts ago. Yeah everything is getting together and soon this container will be a bar. I have just decided that it will take me two more weeks to get this done, after which I am taking a small surf holiday to Aruba. Then its opening time.


So glad we are getting closer and closer, soon i will be able to rigg up the coffee machine and load up the bar. That will leave me with a bit ore space in my house. Also super happy with my corotu counter, love that I managed to get it cut nicely.


I hope next time I write my speedster will be up and running. Rain is kind off slowing us down now but hey thats rainy season right.

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