Visiting coffee regions, getting coffee and starting a farm

Hi there, since last time I did mention more had happened and I had not spend all my time building here is the other thing I have been doing: Coffee tripping. The first trip was with my dad to Santa Fe, a coffee region in Panama at about 1500m. We stayed in a nice little hotel in this very quiet mountain town. On the way driving up we stopped at a nice waterfall to swim.


Once in Santa Fe there was some time for site seeing. We also had some left over coffee crumble on top of a hill with beautiful views.  But then it was time for business.


I got some very good Catuai from the El Tute corporation in green beans, I also got the start of my very own coffee farm with some Catuai and some Catimor plants. Once we got back home the hard work started, coffee farming is no business for softies.


Now that I had a taste of what the coffee regions had to offer and what beauties could be found in the local vivero’s it was time for a second trip. This trip would take us to the calm region of Volcan, with a day trip to Bouquette ( known for its Geisha).  Just to give you a thought of how nice Volcan can be here are some pictures of a regular day: rainbows everywhere, nice flowers and cold rivers to take a dip.


Then it was coffee time again, I was able to get some Geisha plants and some Caturra ( that already bore fruits) at Jansons Vivero. I also bought some green Tipica and Caturra in Volcan. On my visit to Bouquette I was asked for some instructions behind the machine at Lerida, after I had made a remark about their flow trough. So kind off spend 2 hours behind their machine, getting their coffee on point. It was a very fun experience and I made some nice friends. Next time I go we will do an in dept course and I am already invited to a cupping. Exchanging knowledge in the coffee world is what it is all about.


Next up: Planting all that coffee, but also some relaxing with a surf and some brunch (with Belgian waffles)

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