Thanksgiving , city parade, running of the bull and getting a coffee machine up

So a whole lot has been happening but I’ll just post it here chronologically. First, I got some more work done, still busy at the laundry place but I build a wall which is now finished and holds my herb garden. Looks nice doesn’t it?

As you notice I’m busy at the garden, the inside of my house is almost done ( the mezzanine is up, just have to finish one bathroom now). When putting in some flowers last week I was visited by majestic birds, just look at this beautiful white one.


Then the 23rd I was invited to a thanksgiving party. It was a “everybody brings something to eat so we have way too much” kind of deal. And off course I baked off some pastry, 4 pies to be exact. However it was the bread that everybody found so special. Good bread is hard to find here an my windsurfing friend in town needed a good one for his dip. So I made him a 10 grain one, I did need 2 fails before I ended up with this nice one.


Then there was the big city parade and the running of the bulls. First time I left Ginger at home, I didn’t want her to get to excited and she was still tired from the thanksgiving party. Everybody I met during the parade did ask me where Ginger was as she is already more known than me in town.

So as you can see from the pictures above it was a very colorful day, a lot of music and dancing. I kind of missed the running of the bull as I was in the wrong street, typical Dennis. However this is not my cup off tea anyway.

After the city parade I was talking with some people about the CouCouCrazy coffee bar and this one girl asked if she could already get a sample of what I would be offering. Always willing to comply with demand, I immediately installed a machine the next day, so for the people in town that know me: “always welcome to come and have a coffee at my place”. As you can see from my panda bear, my late art is a bit rusty so I can use all the practice.

Next up pastry for the elderly party.

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