A bit of Paperwork


As I mentioned in my last post, I would now have to go over some paperwork. Regarding all kinds of stuff. The first batch I had to go trough were papers on the corporation I wanted to buy. So I had to find my way through notary documents and documents that entailed the separation of the different fincas (grounds); all in Spanish. I did understand them all and everything in the papers seemed to be in order. For the translation I relied partly on my Spanish and for the other part I used my law knowledge, because the law is also a language as it turns out.


Then it was over to the city hall of Vorselaar. Here I had to get some papers in order to get my visa once I get back in Panama and also the get my driver’s license accepted. So I got a print out of my blank criminal record ( yes you read it, BLANK) signed by the mayor and a form that shows that the driver’s license I have really belongs to me. I have already been in contact with the Panamanian consulate¬† to get the documents stamped. However I will first have to get them translated. This will be work for another day. For next up is the bank.

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